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10th Jun 2001


Me and the Legion
Just some reminisences about my own on/off relationship with the Legion as I grew up. Why I like the series and the characters so much, that sort of thing.

Will the real Legion please stand up?
Just before "Zero Hour" there were two Legions; one, brimming with youthful vigour and enthusiasm, the other, all dour pessimistic gritty "realism". Each claimed to be the real McCoy, but the evidence was insufficient and contradictory. This is my analysis of the situation, hardly conclusive but still a good read, I hope.

The Legion have made many appearences. Is it worth buying a comic for a single panel? You decide!

A Beginners Guide to the Legion
If you've found this site, chances are you're not a Legion newbie, but just in case here's a brief introduction.

Timber Wolf

Dave Cockrum
A somewhat brief look at Dave Cockrum's somewhat brief (but influential) tenure with the Legion... with pictures!!!

The Bierbaums Answer Some Questions
While a member of APA-LSH I posed some questions to Tom and Mary Bierbaum. They finally answered after I'd left and the answers were passed to me via ex-fellow member Mark Childress. I now pass them on to you.

Unwelcome Guests and Fair Trades
An Untold Tale of the Legion ~ The action takes place between pages 26 & 27 of LSH 50.

The Best of Both Worlds?
A little piece of whimsy set during Zero Hour.





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